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James F. Berquist

James F. Berquist

Vice-President & Principal

James F. Berquist, is an original shareholder of Strategic Wealth Management Group, Ltd.

In 1993, Mr. Berquist helped form Strategic Wealth Management Group and through its business partnership with MACC, a registered broker dealer and MAFM, a registered investment adviser, is able to implement a structure which could offer a level of service and sophistication to clients that had previously been reserved for larger “institutions”. This focus on professional investment management enables Mr. Berquist to provide an ongoing comprehensive analysis of his client’s portfolios in addition to delivering a superior customer service oriented product.

Prior to the founding of Strategic Wealth Management Group, Ltd., Mr. Berquist was responsible for the development and maintenance of client relationships in his position as Senior Vice President in the Asset Management Division of Mid Atlantic Capital Group. He also provided technical and fundamental research on marketable securities with a particular emphasis on fixed income securities. Mr. Berquist brought fourteen years of experience in the management of personal, corporate, and retirement assets to Mid Atlantic.

Upon graduation from Columbia in 1976, Mr. Berquist joined Merrill Lynch as an account executive. In 1984 he subsequently joined E.F. Hutton, which was acquired by Shearson Lehman Brothers in 1987. During his tenure with these firms, Mr. Berquist was responsible for the development and implementation of investment and marketing strategies, along with corporate development planning, portfolio management and individual investment counseling.

Mr. Berquist resides with his family in Peters Township. He is involved in various civic activities and serves on the Board of Directors for The Samaritan Foundation, and Peters Township Council.